Adjective story- Fiona Chisholm
Updated: 1/12/2021
Adjective story- Fiona Chisholm

Storyboard Text

  • This mountain looks perfect for me to climb!
  • I am not so sure I want to climb this mountain anymore.
  • This mountain is smaller than it looked in the picture.
  • Bob was the most adventurous person in his family. He decided that he would climb the highest mountain in his city. Bob loved to climb mountains but this was his biggest mountain that he was ever going to climb.
  • I am very confused right now!?
  • While Bob was looking at the Mountain’s information, he came across a warning that said, “Warning: Look out for Bears.” Bob’s greatest fear was coming across a big, tall bear in the mountains.
  • That bear is bigger than me how could I possibly get away!!!
  • Bob decided he decided to still go to the mountain. Bob drove to the mountain a started hiking up the tall mountain, he was amazed by the beautiful scenery of the mountain.
  • Bears are much kinder than I thought!!!
  • When Bob sat down to rest he sat near the entrance of a big cave. He saw many animals sitting around like squirrels and birds, but suddenly all of the ran away in an instant. Bob was very confused.
  • As Bob turned around in the cave he saw a huge American Black bear standing right in front of him. Bob ran away as fast as he could.
  • Then Bob realized that nobody was chasing him. Bob slowly turned around to see the big, black bear welcoming him into the large cave.