Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • yes
  • hi, i´m Elena
  • can i sit
  • hi, i´m carlos
  • it was you who collided with my friend
  • sorry but no
  • i am from the benemerita
  • do you remember me?
  • you are following me
  • what are you doing here?
  • yes, it was me
  • very sorry
  • good, i´m glad
  • is your home far from here?
  • you live near?
  • no, any of that
  • no, it´s a visit to my grandmother
  • is turning around
  • yes, but it won´t come anymore
  • he is not my boyfriend, he is my brother
  • are you waiting for someone to eat?
  • is he your boyfrient?
  • it´s late i´m going home
  • bye
  • bye
  • ok, see you soon