Part 2

Updated: 5/21/2020
Part 2

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  • That Saturday.....
  • Whats wrong is there something you want to tell me?
  • Uhhh Yes. I mean no.
  • Come on don't say it. You can't tell her.
  • Tell me! You can trust me.
  • I'm Jewish. I- gotta go.
  • Few minutes later
  • Yes.
  • Rachel3:26pm
  • Wait. Rachel come back.
  • Can we talk later?
  • Rachels House
  • Mom, I'm sorry I told my friend. I am proud to be Jewish and I couldn't hold it in anymore.
  • Sweetie. I only said that so you stay safe in this neighborhood people can be so cruel and I would never want something bad happening to you. I am also proud to be jewish and will always be.
  • that night
  • Rachel, I just wanted to say I'm Jewish too. I have been keeping it a secret for my families safety and I'm so happy we can now be ourselves around here
  • She will be my best friend