Social Studies
Updated: 3/2/2021
Social Studies

Storyboard Text

  • Hello sir, I have a suggesting. I say that for the code we should do Navajo language because there isn't as much of Navajo people outside the US.
  • Hmmm that might be a great idea! The Japanese leaders won't be able to crack our code this time.
  • Alright all of you did great coming nice job!
  • A Navajo guy is talking to the military leader suggesting that they should use the Navajo language for the codes since the Japanese already broke their other code they won't be able to break the Navajo language because only certain people knew the language.
  • The military leader accepts and starts putting Navajo men in a room where there are telephones and radios so they can send codes to the men that are fighting.
  • LO- TOSO
  • LO- TOSO!
  • While the Navajo men are being placed into a room and military men and airmen start preparing as well for the war.
  • We don't know sir!
  • We don't know what this means!
  • The men are now sending out codes to men out in the field and are all working to help them win the war.
  • The military men receive the message and start passing it on to all the men so they are alerted.
  • The Japanese leaders hear the code that they are all sending to each other and try figuring out what it means but they don't understand so they tell their men that they don't know what's happening and that they are very confused.