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Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Did you hear? We have to leave our fiefs to contribute to the war
  • And many serfs are being realeased.
  • And this creates an unbalance, therefore contributing to the end of the feudal system
  • As powerful nobles go elsewhere the king will become more powerful!
  • King John, please sign the manga carta
  • It says for everyone, including me, for a fair trial and the right to justice
  • well now, we are free to leave the land, and we get higher wages, because labourors are scarce
  • This unbalance also lead to the end of feudalism
  • With this plague going around, everyone is dying.
  • England
  • This war raged for 100 years, because France failed to restore their promises of a part of Guienne to England
  • France
  • Because of the ridiculously high tax toll, peasants went into revolt. There were a few executions of men who participated, but overall this lead to lower tax rates, freedom and equality, money to the poor, laws less harsh, and an overall democracy
  • the plague caused for peasants for more opportunities Peasants fled Europe for more opportunities.More trade saw the growth of more towns 
  • Write down 3 ways feudalism ended.
  • England