Updated: 11/7/2018
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  • It got better throughout the months...
  • But I still could never forget her.
  • Where were you Halloween night of 2017?!
  • I was doing so well till my mom gave me the news that Elle had been sent to the hospital...
  • I walked into the hospital room not expecting much. She was always very clumsy and I thought she had broken her arm yet again but no that wasn´t the case... she lied in the bed dead.
  • I herd Austin's voice so I ran up the stairs and saw Collin holding a gun to Austin's head.
  • Itś so we can finally be together. I just have to get rid of one more person.
  • Collin what are you doing?!
  • Allison help!
  • Collin pulled me out side so that we could leave and never come back, but I didn´t want to. I was terrified of him. He killed my sister. My best friend and just shot her brother.
  • I did it for you. I saw that you weren´t happy with Sky last Halloween so I did what I had to do. She would also never let us be together!
  • You killed my best friend. My sister. Why would you ever think I would want to be with you?
  • I started to hear sirens for around the block. I guessed that Austin called them. Thank god for Austin I thought to my self. When they finally entered the parking lot a Police man jumped out of his car and ran to Collin and put him in handcuffs.
  • Collin grabbed my arm and I guess that meant he was going to take me no matter what I wanted. At this point I didn´t care what was going to happen to me I had nothing to live for anymore.
  • What did you do!
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