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Elective History Assignment 2
Updated: 8/17/2020
Elective History Assignment 2
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  • We're going to find him, and bring him back!
  • I guess we will be able to do that
  • But Isis had an idea. She told Nephythus that the only way to bring Osiris back, is to find all of his pieces. So, they set off an adventure, to bring back Osiris’ pieces. It took a long time, but they found all the pieces.
  • In the afterlife...
  • They took his pieces to a room within one of the pyramids and used a mysterious white cloth to piece him together. They were successful, but they still needed to bring him to life. Isis used her magical powers to give her brother life.
  • She was successful, bringing Osiris back to life! However, a part of her magic gave Osiris a weird stomach cramp. When they went to see what happened, a child popped out of his stomach. Isis took it as their child and named him Horus.
  • After this, Osiris was named the first ever living thing to die, then be reborn in the afterlife, which is a place that souls travel to once they die. Unfortunately, he could no longer be King of Egypt, but he was able to become a god. Since he was the only living thing to be brought back to life, he became God of the Dead and the Afterlife.
  • He was also given a very important task. He was given the job of weighing the souls’ hearts against an ancient feather called “The Feather of Truth”, to see if they are worthy of passing into the Field of Reeds, which is the ultimate heaven for Egyptians.
  • It has been hundreds of years since he was last seen by someone, but ancient pictures and writing show him as a green man covered in white cloth. He is also known as the 'father of mummification' so his fellow Egyptians can follow him. Osiris is a very special person, and he will forever be remembered from his story and his ancient role as a god.
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