Kane - Behavior Issues

Updated: 7/29/2020
Kane - Behavior Issues

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  • Help parents foster a growth mindset for their children through language.
  • I'll do what I want, Mr. Kane.
  • I've asked you 3 times now. Sit in your seat and let's get started, Tim. Quit disrupting the class, or I'll have to phone your parents.
  • Do not have a power struggle with the parent. If they get hostile, end the meeting, and bring an administrator next time.
  • Provide parents with additional resources such as books, websites, or contact information for other trained professionals.
  • This book is for you. It should help with Tim.
  • Thanks!
  • - Stick to 2-3 resources.- Don't overwhelm parents.
  • Here's a big stack of books to read.
  • That's a lot of homework for me!
  • use newsletters, online platforms to communicate their child's performance regularly.