Concepts in Evolution Part 2

Updated: 3/19/2021
Concepts in Evolution Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Florida Panthers were once roaming most of southeastern United States but as they faced threats to their population due to human activity such as deforestation and hunting. The population declined dangerously low, and as of now, the Panthers are now confined to a small portion of southeastern Florida. They were labelled as endangered as long ago as 1967 with as little as 30 panthers left at that time.
  • Because of these threats on the population of these panthers due to human activity, such as hunting. The gene pool of these panthers dropped to a very low level and continues to decrease because of inbreeding. Due to the lack of genetic diversity, because of the very small population size
  • In order to survive and attempt at re-stabilizing the population, these panthers' only choice is inbreeding such as second cousins, first cousins etc. As known, mating with members of your immediate family leads to unwanted genetic mutations and a decrease in the offspring's physical and mental capabilities, which further decreases the population's chance of survival in an ever environmental changing present world.
  • Well now that you understand what you did, I ask to stop this nonsense of hunting these poor animals
  • Yes I will stop that immediately, but there is hope, we can save this panther, I will call for help from my team of special doctors that I have just in case anything happens to me while I am hunting, that happen to be nearby!
  • Really Doctor? You can save it? What a relief!
  • After my examination, I can ensure you that although it will take lots of effort and time I can save this panther!
  • The poacher's team of special doctors arrive at the scene and begin to treat this panther to save its life.
  • WOW! Thanks so much doctor, with this panther now saved, their population has a better chance of survival. Because although it may not be much, every little bit counts!
  • After some time, I am proud to say that we have successfully saved this panther, we will however need to take it with us to make sure it is ready to be released back into the wild. We are also going to perform tests such as a skin graft, look for any abnormalities in physical traits that are a sign of inbreeding, and most importantly look at the Homozygosity among the population and the overall percentage of Homozygosity to figure out the degree of inbreeding.
  • The poacher's special team of doctors successfully saved the panther and the poacher will never hunt again after knowing what he did. THE END.