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social studies story line
Updated: 11/13/2020
social studies story line
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  • The Proclamation of 1763
  • Aw man I can't go to the other side now, No fair!
  • This is good because now the natives can't go to our side now.
  • I do not like the stamp act idea because the taxes are to high and I do not like paying high taxes.
  • The Stamp Act (1765)
  • I like the stamp act because the money we are paying will go to the things are army needs after the war.
  • Good evening I wanted to say that their are some many of us coming over to the colonies so I have to stay in your house.
  • The Quartering Act (1765)
  • I do not like you in my house because it is weird and this is my property so I do not want you in it or on it!
  • Their was a line that the king had made between their property and the natives and this will help the natives to stay on their side, but the colonists are not allowed to go west which the colonists did not like the idea.
  • The Townshend Act (1767)
  • Hi everyone its me Charles Townshend and I just wanted to say im putting taxes on all common items.
  • What! More Taxes! BOO!
  • After the French and Indian war soldiers needed to get paid since they went to war and served. So, king George set up a stamp act which people have to pay high taxes for the soldiers nd they will receive a stamp which will represent that they payed the taxes.
  • The Boston Massacre (1770)
  • We will take that tax building down!
  • Don't let them get to the tax collection building!
  • In the Quartering Act their was so many soldiers are in the colonies that they don't know where to put them so they decided to put them in people's houses and keep them their but of course the colonists did not like that idea.
  • The Boston Tea Party (1773)
  • Lets throw out the tea!
  • Lets throw out the tea and teach the British a lesson.
  • During this time a man named Charles Townshend wanted to add taxes on common items such as paint, glass, and even tea.
  • Boo stop added taxes!
  • In 1770 their was a horrible Massacre between the colonists and the British since the colonists are breaking the law and become like a evil protests.
  • Boo we hate you guys!
  • Get Rid of the Taxes.
  • At night time the colonists took a boat and the boat was carrying tea, and they were wearing Indian costumes and throw of the tea in to the Boston Harbor.
  • Yea!
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