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Updated: 9/22/2019
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  • Bye mum!
  • He hid his fear of school behind his smile as he waved goodbye to his mum.
  • Azikiwe arrives to his new school when two bullies approach him,and state racist words and opinions
  • Yo,blackie go back to your country.You don't belong here.
  • Azikiwe,being racially confronted and degraded.Azikiwe takes a breath and trys to continue the rest of his day.
  • NEGRO!
  • Students,I'll like to introduce azikiwe to our school.Azikiwe can you introduce yourself?
  • Azikiwe was rudely disrupted by a classmate.He was embarrassed and chosen not to participate.
  • Yes,im a .....
  • Azikiwe.Crossing the road when he encounters a family member.As he hid his fear behind a smile infront of his mother.Whilst waving goodbye. Camera shot: Camera angle:
  • Who cares,he's black his ancestors were slaves to the rich.He's nothing to us
  • Leave him alone,He done nothing wrong.Your being racist and ignorant towards dark skins.
  • Mr Robertson overheard the issues regrading Azikiwe and reported it to the head mistress.
  • Azikiwie,being racially and emotionally harassed,and degraded for his appearance.As he trys to take a breath and move on. Camera shot: camera angle:
  • What a way to start my first day.
  • I have your back!
  • Azikiwe's teacher,Mr robertson introduces him to the students,as its his first day.When azikiwe try's to introduce himself he is rudely disrupted by a classmate. Camera shot: Camera angle:
  • Azikiwe,Im john i was a bystander and was a victim of bullying.Im here for you to help me help you.
  • Azikiwe's new classmate degrades azikiwe and his social status.When a bystander stands up for him without him in their presences. Camera shot: Camera angle:
  • Azikiwe's,reaction due to his classmate trying to spread hate of azikiwe towards another student.But that bystander supports and reassures Azikiwe stating ''I have your back''. Camera angle: Camera shot:
  • The bystander Supports and try's to reassure Azikiwe stating ''Im here for you to help me help you" Camera shot: Camera angle:
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