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Updated: 9/8/2021
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  • Introducing Amanda!By: Amanda DanielStudent: Amanda Daniel
  • A Picture of Amanda!The picture would not upload
  • What makes Amanda special? Amanda is unique. She is very kind, and she still works hard through everything. She is also very determined, and makes sure that things get done how they should be done. She is also a middle child with two siblings, so she is in the middle. This is what makes Amanda special, everything.
  • Today, Amanda did not have any habit to share, but, she did have several traditions. In her family, Christmas is definitely a big one, but they also celebrate Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Easter, and many others. Christmas is one of Amanda's favorites, because she loves to celebrate.
  • Amanda Daniel was born January 30, 2009. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amanda has two siblings, Tristen Dresner and Lexie Daniel. Tristen is 23 and Lexie is 10. Amanda also lives with her mom and dad.
  • In conclusion, Amanda Daniel is a unique person. She has many hobbies, talent, special interests, and more! She enjoys a lot of things as you can see by reading this, and I hope you enjoyed learning about Amanda Daniel!
  • Amanda's hobbies now include, dancing, baking, swimming, being with family and friends. making crafts, and even just enjoying the great outdoors. Dancing is one of her talents, as well as some of the other hobbies listed. The same thing goes for her special interests. She enjoys dancing, baking, swimming, being outdoors, etc.!
  • Amanda's Perfect Day
  • Amanda's perfect day would start with her whole family together. They would be at home, in and out, spending the day happily with lots of laughing. Later that night, we would all camp out in our living room while watching a movie and eating pizza. That would be my perfect day, maybe with a few other small things like getting new pajamas for me and my family
  • Amanda's Ten Most Unique CharacteristicsObservantDeterminedPersistentAdventurousCaringInquisitiveBraveActiveIntelligentConfident
  • What Amanda Likes To Do For Fun!1. DANCE. I think dancing is super fun. I could do it all day, and never be bored. I like contemporary and ballet the most, but I mostly practice ballet at the time.2. Spend Time with Family & FriendsI love to spend time with them. I have one friend that I spend time with, and her name is Aubrie. She is in 6th grade at CHMS. I also like to hand out with her little brother Sawyer, and we mostly play the Wii. I do tons of things with my family, and they are super fun.3. Spend Time OutsideI like to ride my electric, and regular scooter. I also like to ride my bike up and down the street, with my brother Tristen. I like to play a game called Double Trouble, that I made up with my sister Lexie.
  • The Story of How Amanda Got Her NameMy mom wanted me to be named Grace, so she told my dad to come up with something that went with Grace. My dad was looking at a list of names, and when he found Amanda, it just stood out to him. It also went with Grace, so my name is Amanda Grace, and that is what I am called sometimes, or a lot. I do think my name fits, and I would never change it.
  • Q:How long have you lived in the community?A: I have lived in Rock Hill my whole life. So 12 years! I was not born in Rock Hill, but I have always lived here. I was born in Charlotte, NC.
  • Q:List 3 things you like about living here.A; I like that is is not super noisy, I like the weather, and I like all of the trees and grass! I like that it is a nice place to live.
  • About Where I Live!
  • Q:What other places have you lived? Which one was your favorite?A: I have only lived in Rock Hill. Rock Hill is my favorite! I enjoy living here. It is very nice, and quiet.
  • Q:Are there any things you DON’T like about living here?A: No, I love living in Rock Hill! I love just about everything. I think that it is a nice place to live. I would not move.