the tennis court oath
Updated: 3/9/2020
the tennis court oath
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  • i hereby officially start the General Estates Meeting.
  • I believe we should tax the peasants more
  • I think we should tax everyone equally.
  • everyone is equal, so i think taxes should support that as well, so everyone should be taxed as such.
  • absolutely not!!!
  • in 1789, France was in extreme debt from the lascivious spending of royals and war. In 1788, the Church refused to help so the King and his government were in trouble So to solve this problem, King Louis XVI called a meeting of Estates General.
  • You see, now she's crying!
  • LET US IN!!!
  • The first estate was the clergy, the second was the nobility and the third was the peasants. It had not met since 1614, this was because French Kings tried to rule without the agreement of the people. That was about to change.
  • The first and second estate had the power though. Everything the third estate suggested were out voted by the first and second estate 2 to 1. This was no surprise, the third estate paid the most taxes but had no say in the running of the country.
  • we swear we shall keep meeting until we are rightfully represented in our country's government!
  • the third estate decided they had enough. they decided they were going to form a national assembly. a large number of the clergy joined them. They demanded equal voting rights, but they had been locked out of the general estates meeting.
  • as they were locked out they decided to meet in a nearby indoor tennis court. There they met and discussed laws and ways to fix the national debt.
  • There, swore an oath to stay together until the King agreed to a constitution. only one member refused to swear the oath. It became known as the Tennis Court Oath.
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