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Audrey Lopez - Photosynthesis Comic Strip
Updated: 5/16/2020
Audrey Lopez - Photosynthesis Comic Strip
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  • And get this! When you combine sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll, plants can make food!
  • Similar to how we need food to survive, they need food in order to grow and develop!
  • So they can just make food by themselves? That's amazing!
  • And this green grass, chlorophyll gives its beautiful green color so it's not just a plain color!
  • Wow!
  • With the roots in the ground, they soak up the minerals in water from the ground!
  • Wow!
  • Also, when we release oxygen they taking carbon dioxide!
  • Cool! Wait so is chloroplast where all of this photosynthesis stuff take place? I've been hearing it a lot school but I never understood it!
  • Yep! I forgot to mention is that light energy changes in photosynthesis into chemical energy! During the process and make sugar and oxygen!
  • I learned so much today, thank you!
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