Updated: 4/15/2021

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  • My name is Steve and I am a creationist.
  • How come you believe that all life came from one cell, even though science has disproved spontaneous generation?
  • Scientists have already proven that the Earth is not that old.
  • My name is Carl and I am an evolutionist.
  • It took millions of years for all life to evolve into the advanced design we see today. It was random.
  • How did the Big Bang come from nothing? How did your belief of the universe's origin come into existence?
  • There is no way that all DNA can evolve into the complexity that it is today.
  • The Big Bang exploded and created all life. From there, all life evolved along with its DNA.
  • How can you explain where our morals come from?
  • If our morals came from random chance, then we would all have different morals.
  • Our morals came from random chance. There is no supreme being that put our morals in us. They came over time from mutations.
  • How can you explain something coming from nothing when science has proven that abiogenesis is not possible?
  • But before the Big Bang, it is proven that there was just space. There was nothing.
  • The Big Bang created everything, so it didn't come from nothing.
  • How did all matter after the Big Bang randomly create everything we need without a supreme intelligence?
  • The chance that all of this can randomly support all life is so small that it is nearly impossible.
  • Everything fell into place perfectly to sustain our life on Earth.
  • Well thanks for the talk.
  • No problem., you're welcome.