Jessica PIlkington

Updated: 10/7/2021
Jessica PIlkington

Storyboard Text

  • What will happen if i touch the stove when its on?
  • Whats that?
  • but how?
  • Follow me ill tell you about heat transfer
  • Because of conduction
  • If you touch the stove when its on you will burn your self.
  • oh ok , i understand why i cant touch the stove now.
  • Conduction is the transfer of heat though direct contact. meaning if you touch to stove you will burn yourself, because your hand would be in direct contact of the hot burner.
  • So the reason you cant touch the stove when its on is because of conduction.
  • I have another question, when we go to grandmas house how dose the radeator work
  • ok, but how dose the sun heat the earth.
  • Convection is another type of heat transfer. The air goes in circle like motion.
  • Well the radiator works with something called convection..
  • The suns ray make there way to earth through radiation.. Radiation is the last type of heat transfer.
  • The sun heats the earth with something called radiation.
  • Ok, one more i heard some of my friends talking about tempeture can u explain that?
  • Tempeture is the messure of energy in a substance
  • ok good night now.