Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I have trouble helping my family and kids which means i get social welfare which means offers assistance to individuals and families in need, with such programs as health care assistance, food stamps,.
  • Im a liberal which means i am open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values
  • I am a conservative so i am someone who someone who cherishes and seeks to preserve traditional customs and values
  • I am part of the bonus army we marched to Washington dc to get paid to help us with the great depression
  • i live in shantytown during the Great Depression, a town of makeshift dwellings
  • i am a demagogue so am a political leader who gains power by appealing to people's emotions and prejudices rather than relying on rational argument
  • I believe in the left wing so i am the liberal side of the political spectrum
  • i am a mandate so i am the mandate the authority bestowed on a government or candidate by an electoral victory
  • i helped with the New Deal Coalition which is a political partnership formed during the 1930s among various social and political groups in support of the New Deal, the Democratic Party, and Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • i sighed and helped for the National Industrial Recovery Act which is as part of the New Deal, a law passed by Congress in 1933 to increase production while boosting wages and prices; it created the National Recovery Administration
  • i was in the black blizzard it was a a severe dust storm
  • i am a part of the breadline which is a line of needy people waiting for handouts of free food so i can get food