Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Two white men with black hats
  • Danny the body guard
  • The girls bathroom
  • Melba jolted awake when she heard the doorbell ring her Mother Louse was right above her the moved down to the living room. Who is it grandma yelled throught the door she looked through the inset. It was white men wearing black hats grandma said state your bisnuss they said that govener fobesse wanted melba to go back to Centuaral High
  • Melbaś bodyguard is danny they were walking down the hallway whewn a mob of whites hit melba soldiers came out . Then the mob backed away Melba was frintened.
  • melba went to the bathroom will danny stayed out side melba heard girls wispering she couldnt make out what they were saying when she came out the had said GO HOME N´