The story of the Buddha
Updated: 2/11/2021
The story of the Buddha

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  • This is the king Suddhodana and queen Maya and they have a son other known as the prince. when the prince was born a wise man had made a prediction that if he stays at the kingdom he will become a great king but if he leaves he will become a very holy man. so the queen and king didn't let him leave they gave him everything he ever asked for.
  • One day prince siddhartha asked one of his friends to take him out of the kingdom. once they were out and siddhartha saw an old man siddhartha asked his friend what was wrong the friend replayes and said "nothing is wrong," "He is just old. siddhartha wonders now "whats good youth if you will get old?"
  • The next day siddhartha asked his friend to take him out of the palace again his friend agreed and took him to another sight only to see a sick man. siddhartha asked his friend "That man is very sick. We are all vulnerable to sickness." Now siddhartha wonders " whats good health if you will eventually get sick?"
  • Siddhartha and his friend channa went out again but this time siddhartha saw a body a dead body being carried away. Now he wonders "What good is life if you will someday die?"
  • This time when siddhartha and his friend channa went out and found a man they asked who he was and he replied "I am a monk,a seeker of Truth, of life over death." At the moment Siddhartha knows what he wants to do with his life.
  • After being with the moxs for more than 6 years he still had not found what the meaning of life was so he decided to leave the monks and he setted off. Siddhartha decided he will not leave the fig tree until he has found what he was looking for. he had been under that tree meditating for 46 days on the last day he found what he was looking for he had been enlightened. He now went back to the monks and told them all he knows. today they are teaching millions of the Buddha because of him.