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circe and the land of the dead
Updated: 2/19/2020
circe and the land of the dead
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Storyboard Text

  • WOAH
  • Treasure!
  • WOW!
  • Oops
  • Who opened it!
  • Do we have to leave?
  • Food!
  • Odysseus and his men land on the wind king's island. He gives Odysseus a bag with winds inside.
  • UHHH
  • EW
  • Odysseus's ship mates opened the bag thinking it was treasure but It didn't The evil winds roared up it sent them back to Aeolia.
  • Why did you do that to Polyphemus's eye! anguishes lies ahead
  • They are now on Circe's island called Aeaea. None of the animals at the entrance would attack because of a spell that circe put on them. she gave them food and spiked their wine so it would make them want to stay. she turned them into pigs.
  • I see destruction for your ship and crew
  • Odysseus sacrifices a black sheep to make The souls starts coming out of the erebus which is the darkness in the land of dead.
  • The blind prophet tells Odysseus that anguishes lies ahead because of what he did to polyphemus's eye.
  • Teiresais says Odysseus will be the only survivor left.
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