The misadventures of Max Crumbly masters of mischief
Updated: 12/18/2019
The misadventures of Max Crumbly masters of mischief
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  • GrrrBarkBark!!!!!!
  • So you are probably wondering how did you get here Max, well here it is so on Friday a bully pushed me into my locker and i got stuck there over night so i found some thing in my locker to try and break the back and i broke it and i ran to the roof and fell down a tube to land here with my trusty side kick Erin.
  • Here i your drink sir have a good day!!
  • Then suddenly a dog and a cop came cause they heard a sound from in the dumpster aka us and the cop looked around and he did not see any thing so he left but the dog was still there. He snarled and bared its teeth and then it left with the door open!! so me and Erin went right out the door.
  • When we go out of the dumpster we hid behind a tree cause there was robbers that were trying to steal the school computers but me and Erin stopped then. But we cant let them see us cause who knows what they are going to do.
  • Erin and i just hopped in the back of there car with had a lot of random stuff in it. The car started to move me and Erin were trying to stay as quiet as we can so they could not here us bus they drove up to a drive through and Erin and i agreed that we should hop out of the truck so thats what we did.
  • Erin and i just ran as fast as we could. But me and Erin saw a bike and a wagon so Erin hopped in the wagon and i biked the bike. So i dropped of Erin at her house and i went back to mine.
  • The next morning i saw my little sister playing with the bike and her little friend that is a and they played with the bike and the wagon but do they know that was for me and Erin to escape.
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