chaptrer 1-4
Updated: 5/29/2019
chaptrer 1-4

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  • the empty book
  • the return of kicker
  • what Loretta said
  • Freak is in the hospital and Gwen is there to.Max visit's him and finds out that freak is in the ICU.When Max sees freak he has a bunch of tubes connecting to him and he has a telemetry.Freak gives Max a book and tells Max that he wants Max to write down all of their adventures.
  • Max goes back to the hospital to visit Freak again.But When all of the nurses start crying and acting sad Max just goes crazy.He run all the way to the medial researches building but on his way there is a glass door and breaks it and keeps on running.Finally Max is told that freak died.
  • After Freak died Max stayed in the down under for a long time and didn't come upstairs.He finally comes out.Max saw Loretta Lee in the streets and she tells Max that Gwen moved to California.Later Max gets the book freak gave him and writes all their adventures and writes a whole book.
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