White claw
Updated: 3/20/2021
White claw

Storyboard Text

  • Inactive PartyScene #1
  • This party is just awful
  • I think everyone is bored
  • I really need something good to drink
  • Introduces White ClawScene #2
  • Hey everyone I brought you guys some White Claws!You want to try?
  • Taste TestScene #3
  • I'll try it I guess...
  • I hope this taste good...
  • White Claw huh?
  • I'll drink anything at this point
  • ActionEveryone complaining about the party being boring and not having fun. People are complaining about being thirsty and not having any good drinks at the house.
  • ActionSomeone brings in a pack of White Claws to the house party to cheer everyone up and quench their thirst. The person asks everyone there if they would like to try a can of White Claw?
  • ActionEveryone picks up a can of White Claw in different flavours compared to each other and is about to drink it. People are experiencing White Claw for the first time and are curious about the taste.