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Carbon Cycle
Updated: 4/4/2020
Carbon Cycle
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  • Adelson CarrillosEnvironmentalScience Period 6
  • The Carbon Cycle
  • Stage One: Carbon enters the atmosphere by respiration in organisms (e.g. animals breathing), combustion (e.g. burning of fossil fuels/ wood), decomposition, and decay (microorganisms respiration)
  • Stage Two: Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by producers in photosynthesis. Plants take in CO2 from the atmosphere in order to produce energy in the form of sugar via photosynthesis using sunlight.
  • Stage three: Carbon transfer from organism to organism. Animals eat plants consuming the Carbon content and animals eat other animals transferring carbon from one to another.
  • Stage four: animals and plants die, and the organisms are eaten by decomposers. Decomposers respire to release CO2 back into the air to be absorbed by producers again.
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