scientist farah khaled

Updated: 5/16/2021
scientist farah khaled

Storyboard Text

  •  dear diary...Today was the day I thought would never come…, I finally cracked the code I finally made a GMO (A genetically modified organism) fruit!
  • Well….it did take me FOREVER to make it but finally I did!!At first, I had to test if the fruit was safe for citizens to use before anyone can eat it so until my fruit gets approved let me just rewind to what I used to keep it safe in here.
  • At first, I used an apple I got from a tree and got it back to my lab, then I started adding some genetic engineering techniques on the apple
  • hoping that it will turn the other apples that get produced from this apple to be Arctic apples (GMO apples that do not turn brown after getting exposed to air) and then I basically made a whole tree of this type of apple.
  • I am still waiting for the results to get out from the lab…if it does work it would make everyone save leftover apples...!
  • I JUST GOT THE RESULTS!!!.IT WORKED I am so happy right now as a scientist and a citizen that people will not be wasting any left over apples anymore!
  • 8D this was done by Farah Khaled