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Updated: 2/14/2020
Media PBL

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Corona Virus - Isabella Comm E

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  • Right now there is a disease that has spread worldwide and we want to talk about that it isn't as bad as it seems.
  • you have the... CORONA VIRUS. But its actually not that bad more people die from the flu
  • But Instagram told me that the.. corona virus is going to kill everyone
  • Coronavirus is BAD, Comparing it to the Flu. Coronavirus reaches 65,000 cases globally.
  • you shouldn't be working with people!! You are Chinese. You are probably infected with The Coronavirus!!I'll get a different cab home.
  • How am I supposed to get money for my Family? 
  • The Racism due to this virus is getting out of hand, Chinese people are suffering to work and do everyday things because people don't want to be near them. It's 2020 racism should be done with by now
  • We Need To Not Let The Media Make Things Seem Worse Then They Are.