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Updated: 5/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mande...(yes)
  • De donde viene mi apellido Jiménez? Es de parte de tu familia o la de mi papá?(We’re does my last name Jimenez come from. Is it from your side of the family or my dads.)
  • Ma?
  • Mira ese era tú tío segundo José Alfredo Jiménez. ( Look that was your second uncle José Alfredo Jimenez)
  • Wow
  • one day, I think it was for school, my sister just asked my mom where her last name came from and what it ment. She was never expecting it to be so amazing....
  • No, eww
  • Excuse me, are you two twins?
  • it turned out she was related to a famous singer in Mexico. His name was José Alfredo Jimenez.Another plus is that my sister was born in Guanajuato the same as him. In Dolores Hidalgo, were most of our family lives, they have so many little places and things that remember him or have his name. He’s a pretty well know man and a big deal.
  • Excuse me, will both of you be enrolling here at UTSA?
  • Umm I’m 13...
  • I think my sister loves that she’s related to him, even if he was just her second uncle. When we went to the cemetery and saw his memorial, which was a very big and colorful sombrero, my sister tolled one of the men selling items with Joses name on them that she was related to him. He didn’t believe her of course until she showed him her ID and my sister asked for a discount on a mug she wanted to buy. This is probably one of the coolest Things my sister can brag about.
  • Why do you always talk during movies and take up all the couch space!!
  • I literally just said four cords and im not taking up all the space, you are!!
  • This is kinda boring.
  • Although me and my sister have a some what of a large age difference sometimes people think we’re twins. It’s mostly because of our height. My sister is 23 but looks 15, a lot of my mom’s friend’s say it’s because she has a more child like face and I have an older face. I find it funny, my sister finds it annoying.
  • About two-three years ago my sister was getting ready to move into college and we were getting hungry. So of cource we went to the cafeteria, there my sister had a question and asked a profesores as they were having a conversation he asked me will she also be enrolling here this year. I began to laugh and said im only 13 sorry. My sister got so mad because I was no were close to looking like a college student.
  • Although me and my sister fight a lot and sometimes annoy each other, we really love each other and always are there for each other even if we we think that what we did was dumb. In the end were sisters who should love each other.