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Updated: 3/8/2020
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  • Did y'all hear about France splitting up!!!!
  • wait what ???where are they sending us
  • I am the ruler i am going to tell you what to do.No one speaks.
  • We want to know why you splitting us up we need answers
  • we need our rights we need money we need work!!!!
  • Give us our rights give us work
  • never!!! you gotta go into war to get that!!!
  • Louis XIV leaves France in trouble after he spent all the money, they have poor harvest, and they have a national debt.
  • OK y'all this is the deal who ever doesn't follow our commands were going to chops their heads!!! Got it
  • Louis XVI was an absolute monarch. He was weak and indecisive. He did not accept the reforms of the National Assembly making the people very angry. 
  • alright we wanna go inside we need to talk to Louis XVI.
  • The first estate was made up of the clergy, the second was made up of the nobility, and the third estate were peasants or the rest of the population. The top 2 estates used their power to take money from the third estate even when they were starving.
  • Y'all we need to make a run for it no one panic we need to hide.!!
  • When the third estate held a meeting the National Assembly found their meeting hall and guarded it, The delegates moved to a tennis court because they were scared that the king would dismiss them.
  • The Bastille was symbolic to the French people because it represented years of abuse by the monarchy. After they broke in they didn't find weapons but the let some prisoners go.
  • Emigres fled France because their privileges, property religion and their lives were being attacked. They told their horrifying stories.
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