Mom infographic
Updated: 5/23/2020
Mom infographic

Storyboard Text

  • K Mom... 2 minutes
  • Huh?!?
  • Anvi, wake up this instant or your gonna miss your bus.
  • K mom, sorry...
  • I wish School didn't exist ... I want to sleep
  • Don't say that my dear, school is for your own good. Be my good girl and get ready quick
  • YAY!!!
  • Finally, I am ready... Breakfast time!
  • Dear, I have some work, please go ahead and make your favorite Sandwich... all things ready
  • Hmm... looks tasty... Mom, How is it?
  • Very good indeed my child... Keep going!
  • Mom also said the same...
  • Good Morning dear, Hmm... that looks tasty...
  • Oh, she said so, then it should be really nice
  • Little does she know that her mother is no more in this world...
  • Bye Dear! Take care!
  • Bye Dad!AND MOM!!!