the future

Updated: 6/14/2020
the future

Storyboard Text

  • How will all be in some years?
  • How will schools be in the future?
  • Hello everyone!Today let's talk about...
  • In only three month a lot of things changed a lot, and this makes me think, how will be the future?
  • And the houses?
  • The most probable is we won’t use books, and all what we do will be in a computer or a tablet. In some high schools we can see this already.
  • And maybe some lessons (or all) will be like now, virtual
  • Every year there will be more and more skyscrapers, and finally all will be big cities with a lot of skyscrapers but with few houses
  • Only the most rich will have houses, because they will be very expensive
  • About transport I think it won't change a lot, most will be cars, but electric ones.