English ADA 2
Updated: 3/31/2020
English ADA 2

Storyboard Description

Guion their class

Storyboard Text

  • Somewhere in the city
  • I didn't ate well these last days,that's it
  • Hi Tomas! How have you been?
  • Have you been working these days
  • Oh! Hi Lucia, are you okay? You look tired
  • Yes, but lately we have not had enough with the staff
  • Eh? I didn’t they started with a full team at work?
  • In fact I continue developing cellphones applications, but the team decreased violently
  • Did you work on application for mobile devices?
  • That's right, but they dropped out themselves.
  • Yes...I'm going to a smaller team thanbefore, but you have to continue
  • That doesn't sound very good
  • I guess you have been busier than normal
  • the certain way. I have more work now than before. Besides that my head hurts more regularity
  • Yes, I have a job worse than before; ourselves have complained about the amount of work.
  • That is quite sad, it must be too tired
  • Yes, if it does, but sometimes it doesn't. A few days, ago he was sleeping when I got home.
  • It happens to me. For example. Yesterday while I was resting my phone rang with more work. There are also days when I return home too late
  • I don't think can support an so job, I would die the exhaustion
  • Really? And your husband is not waiting for you?
  • EH?! I am late! See you later Tomas! The time flies
  • Good bye!
  • Oh, wow...