Beowulf Storyboard
Updated: 10/9/2018
Beowulf Storyboard
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  • I built Herot Hall as a place where all people can gather to celebrate.
  • Here is Hrothgar, king of the Danes, who lives peacefully in his kingdom. Unfortunately, one day this all changed and Herot Hall was know in grief.
  • A monster called Grendel has terrorized the Danes for 12 years. Beowulf, a Geat, comes to the rescue to fight against evil.
  • "You leave this up to us and we will promise victory."
  • "Thank you noble warrior for your service."
  • "You will die, horrible beast!"
  • After the awaited encounter, Beowulf defeats Grendel. However, this wasn't Beowulf's last fight.
  • "Die you awful devil!"
  • Grendel's mother vowed to get revenge for her son's death. After a hard battle....
  • "Oh noooo"
  • " I will die with honor, and remembered by all."
  • At the age of 50, Beowulf, king of the Geats, fight his final long battle against an incendiary dragon.
  • Thanks to his resiliance, bravery, and loyalty there was a tower made for him; that is all he wanted. Nobody dare to do what he did, and that defines him as a true hero.
  • "This sure is an impressive man!"
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