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What would happen if gravity became stronger?
Updated: 6/24/2020
What would happen if gravity became stronger?
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  • Hello there my name is Nico and I'm here to tell you what would happen if gravity became 5% stronger sounds like a small difference but It's not and I'm going to tell you how...
  • Let’s start with the effect on the earth’s orbit around the sun. An orbit is a delicate balance between gravity, which pulls a planet toward its star, and the planet’s velocity, which tends to carry it away into space. A sudden change in gravity disrupts the balance, resulting in Earth moving into a new, tighter elliptical orbit. At its closest, Earth will pass about 9% to 10% closer to the sun than it does today.
  • That should be enough to trigger catastrophic climate change, leading to widespread famines and probably the collapse of the global economy, but it might not kill everyone.
  • The next thing to consider is the impact on the sun. The sun also hangs in a balance: the pressure from the hot plasma in the interior tries to tear it apart, while gravity pulls it together. Again, a sudden change in the strength of gravity disrupts this equilibrium. Hydrogen gas from the sun’s surface falls toward the core, fusing into helium and explosively releasing vast amounts of energy.
  • The earth’s core bears an immense load: the entire weight of our planet, Thanks to the new gravitational constant, all of this rock suddenly becomes 5% heavier. Unable to carry the extra burden, the core collapses inward, causing the rest of the planet to fall down on top of itA quick estimate suggests that the surface might drop only about 10–20 km, but the exact number doesn’t matter so much: "everyone dies", either directly in the fall or shortly afterwards from the heat released as the crust buckles and collapses.
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