The Confused Sports Balls
Updated: 2/6/2021
The Confused Sports Balls

Storyboard Text

  • The Confused Sport Balls.
  • Tommy and Kyle realized that they are used in different ways.
  • "Hey bro, Kyle why do people use me with their hands but use you with their feet." He asked.
  • "I don't know bro. I was thinking the same thing." He said
  • Tommy and Kyle kept talking and talking for a while now and all of a sudden someone out of no where picked up Tommy and Kyle.
  • "Wait, where are we going." Kyle asked.
  • I don't know, but I don't like it." Tommy said
  • Tommy and Kyle started to get closer to their destination and they realized that it was a soccer field and they thought "Are we gonna be used, we'll just ask them."
  • Tommy and Kyle asked "Hey guys are you using us for a...."
  • Just as Tommy and Kyle were about to finish their sentence they hear a "bang" and started flying away
  • "Did you hear that." one kid asked.
  • "Nope." the other kid answered.
  • The End