Abigail 9M story board strip commic
Updated: 5/23/2020
Abigail 9M story board strip commic

Storyboard Text

  • did you know that because of humanity the world is in great risk of global warming
  • oh no there must be something that we can do to prevent this!!
  • don't worry there is. we can start off with building parks like this one behind us
  • transport is one of the biggest reasons for co2 increasion. I think we should start changing our methods of transport
  • It's time to cut carbon footprints.
  • but how will I get to school
  • well you see there are many ways that you can travel such as ride a bike or walking.
  • we can also start recycleing so that our bays don't land up looking just like this one
  • this sight makes me feel sick to my stumick
  • don't worry its not to late to heal this great whole in the earth called humanity. together we can. we will make a difference.
  • in todays time a huge probable in society is co2.By reducing the amount of co2 that we produce we can decrease the amount of co2 in the atmosphere and help with global warming.
  • transportation is one of the biggest problems when it comes to our carbon footprint. so evidently if we can find more secure forms of transport we can decrease our carbon footprints exponentially.
  • plastic waste can contribute a lot when it comes to your carbon footprint. so by recycling we can reduce our carbon foot print and make the world a better place.