French Revolution
Updated: 1/26/2020
French Revolution
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  • Ow my Stomach hurts so bad. I'm so hungry but I don't have any money for food
  • I Heard stuff about Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, I want some of that.
  • All peasants Like this one here were heavily taxed by the state. Since he also belonged to a parish, as most did, He was expected to pay an annual tithe to the church. After paying every unfair tax fee he usually never had enough money for food.
  • Not me Im all for the Revolution
  • Who's Next!
  • When he would go outside to see what little food he could purchase he heard about things that were in the enlightenment and the American Revolution like equality. It made him think that a revolution wouldn't be so bad.
  • Your time is up.
  • Yay!
  • After Joining others from the third estate they decided to start the revolution by storming the Bastille which was used as a state prison by Louis XVI. They stormed Bastille because they recent acquired Muskets but no gunpowder and Bastille had a lot of gunpowder.
  • I will Take over as Military Dictator!
  • Yay!
  • During the Revolution a new leader for the revolutionaries named Maximilian Robespierre. He Believed that neighboring countries, such as Austria and Great Britain, would send soldiers to put down the revolution and re-establish the French monarchy. In order to stamp out any opposition, Robespierre announced a "rule of Terror." During this time, anyone who opposed the revolutionary government was arrested or executed.
  • The Peasant and the rest of the revolutionists Dominated in the revolution. King Louis XVI stood no chance and was captured. He was found guilty of high treason and was executed by Guillotine. the peasant rejoiced in happiness knowing things were going to get better.
  • There were still people who opposed the revolution so the reign of terror continued but many people realized that it could not continue. Enemies of Robespierre overthrew him so Reign of Terror came to an end. He was executed so someone named Napoleon steeped up overthrew the Directory and establishes the French Consulate with Napoleon as leader of France. The French Revolution was finally brought to an end. The peasant was please and excited to finally live a fair life.
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