Roaring 20s Pocket Tale
Updated: 4/29/2020
Roaring 20s Pocket Tale

Storyboard Text

  • Women's Suffrage Women's Suffrage was the time when Women protested for many years to fight for their rights. In the end they acquired the 19th amendment which was the right to vote for all Women.
  • Boll WeevilThe Boll Weevil is an insect that put a pretty big dent in the cotton industry. They fed on the cotton buds and can completely obliterate a cotton plant. They also layed their eggs their and all this incect did was hurt farmers and the cotton industry
  • Technological Changes in the early 1900sTechnology was essential during these times. With WWI going on Automobiles had a huge impact on the war as well as airplanes were used in the war and travel. Radios could be used to talk back and fourth or just for entertainment purposes.
  • (Radio) Send the car and airplanes ASAP.
  • Tourism and RecreationNew roads and highways made it very easy for transportation and for people visiting to get around fast and go on road trips. Tourists wanted to see the history within the United States.
  • KKK Member
  • The KKKThis was a secret organization that hated African Americans and wanted to try and take away their rights away. They did this very violently and sent many threats.
  • Southern Literary RenaissanceThe Southern Literary Renaissance was a very big movement in Southern Literature. This was made to address the issues in Southern cultural and Intellectual life.