Unknown Story
Updated: 2/20/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Beowulfs mission
  • Until my very last breath, I will hunt them down. A debt must be repaid
  • beowulf fights and kills the Mother of Grendel
  • At last, Sea Witch, you will no longer be in control
  • Takes revenge on Grendel by decappitating him
  • In danger to your wrath we are no longer, Beast.
  • "He leaped into the lake...the heaving water covered him over. For hours he sank through the waves; at last he saw the mud of the bottom."
  • Beowulf goes back to Herot
  • "He raised his arms and seized her by the shoulder; anger doubled his strength, he threw her to the floor...and struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck and cut it through...Her body fell to the floor, lifeless..."
  • Beowulf shows Hrothgar Grendel's head
  • I hope my services will be needed no longer. I present to you my trophy
  • "He was still hunting another dead monster, and took his final revenge against Grendel's vicious attacks...found him lying dead in his corner..then struck off his head with a single swift blow"
  • Beowulf and his remaining men head back home
  • warriors, we set way for home.
  • "he sought Hrothgar to salute him and show Grendel's head. He carried the terrible trophy by the hair"
  • "Brough it straight to where the Danes sat, drinking, the queen among them. It was a weird and wonderful sight, and the warriors stared"
  • "After being honored by Hrothgar, Beowulf and his fellow (14) Geats return home."