Updated: 9/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Unpopularity of Charles l
  • I don't like Charles l
  • I don't Either
  • Civil War
  • Overthrow of Charles l
  • Kill him already
  • Charles l was disliked because he married Henrietta Maria and because of his religious policies.
  • Restoration of the stuart monarchy
  • We will restore the monarchy if you agree to.....
  • The royalists were fighting against the parliamentarians.
  • Glorious Revolution
  • We're evading England
  • Charles is beheaded for treason
  • English bill of rights
  • Kings and Queens are now head of state
  • Charles ll agreed to concessions for a generaly amnesty and religious toleration.
  • I agree
  • England was invaded, Parliament gained more power over the monarchy.
  • A constitutional monarchy was created in England. Kings and queens were head of state but their power was limited by law. People were given individual rights.