The War of 1812 Comic Strip - Jordan Prendergast
Updated: 1/31/2020
The War of 1812 Comic Strip - Jordan Prendergast
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  • The War Of 1812
  • Britain was at war with France. They both in need of trade with other countries because they weren't trading with each other.
  • America and France are trading and the British do not approve. The Leopard fires on the Chesapeake leaving 3 Americans dead, 18 wounded, and 4 impressed.
  • America declares neutrality in the war between Britain and France. It is ignored and American seamen continue to get impressed. Non importation actb passed 1806 and Embargo act passed 1807.
  • We are coming, be patient
  • come on you slow Americans. You are fighting for Britain now
  • Then the U.S. tries to restrict commerce and loses 86 million from 1807-1808. Macon's bill passes after Madison replaces Jefferson. Madison asks congress to declare war on Britain
  • we declare war on Britain
  • you fools as soon as we beat France you wont even stand a chance
  • U.S. attempts to invade Canada and fails but gets followed back to Detroit and lose their fort(1812). U.S. wins the Battle of Lake Erie(1813). Britain win "Battle of D.C."(1814). U.S. wins battle of Baltimore. General Jackson amazingly wins Battle of New Orleans(1815) leaving 2,000 British dead and only 21 Americans wounded. America united and truces with Britain. American manufacturing is increased and Federalist party weakens
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