A picture is worth a thousand words

Updated: 10/6/2021
A picture is worth a thousand words

Storyboard Text

  • Dallas Alley and Jeremiah Balloun, 6th periodMonopoly structure and the lack of competition.
  • Psst, you didn't hear this from me but it took ages, and we've finally bought every rival energy company in the state. Now we can control how much we need the prices to go up so we can profit since we're the only company in the field. Even our branch generators will help.
  • Now that the entire state fully relies on our grids, we don't have to worry about any smaller companies popping up and ruining our high standards. 
  • With full control of the industry we can now hire more people to help with process within the generators. Furthering our supply! Remember though, I didn't tell you any of this.
  • I didn't do or say anything sir, goodbye. 
  • Hey who are you! This is a restricted area!