The Vacation

Updated: 6/17/2021
The Vacation

Storyboard Text

  • The school year was over and a group friends planning to go to the beach this summer.
  • That's a good idea I know some beach resorts near us.
  • Hmm.. How about going to beach?
  • So what's the plan guys?
  • I don't know guys, if I can go. My parents are very strict.
  • Ohhh man... We will try to convince your mom Ismael, right guys?
  • Of course, we won't go either if you can't come.
  • Yeah..
  • Ohhkayy. that's great;.
  • Hey boys, Ismael said that you wanted to go to the beach this summer?
  • Yes, Mrs. Reyes we just want to ask if Ismael could come to us.
  • Yes but in one condition. Your uncle Edward must come and use the car.
  • Awesome.... Thank you Mrs. Reyes.