The chemistry in our Life
Updated: 12/22/2020
The chemistry in our Life

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Lucas here today will explain the physical, chemical changes that happen in our lives daily as while as the mixtures and pure substances too.

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  • So we’ll talk about chemical and physical changes, homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures and pure substances and elements and compound so let’s get started
  • Hello I’m Lucas and today we’re talking about chemistry in our everyday lives. A lot of things happen in our everyday lives but what chemistry to we see daily?
  • First let’s get started with mixtures. What’s most important to know is that there are two different types of mixture. Heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures.Now say you just woken up and are getting ready to start your day so you go to eat breakfast. You can have some cereal air have a cup of coffee.
  • Say you chose coffee. Well coffee is a homogeneous mixture. That means that it a mixture that you can’t see the components of. So when you look into your cup, you can’t see the sugar or water or coffee grounds.
  • And as well as not being able to see the components you probably can’t separate them very easily. In fact you’ll need something in a lab to separate the components of your coffee. So good luck trying to get your sugar out of there
  • Now say you chosen cereal. Cereal is a heterogeneous mixture. That means you can see the components of cereal which mainly the cereal and the milk and unlike coffee you can actually separate your cereal from your milk pretty easily and can probably do without any high tech equipment
  • That’s a physical change. When you change the size or shape of an object but don’t change it molecule composition.And this is a change you definitely can reverse.
  • And say when doing your paperwork. You get angry from something like stress or it’s not good enough and you rip the paper
  • Your food just underwent a chemical change and is now a new substance. You can tell it’s a new substance from smell,taste,color, and more like that. Most chemical changes can’t be Reversed but some chemical changes can be reversed with another chemical change
  • When you eat food it goes to your stomach where an acid produced there breaks it down farther and then your food a new substance.
  • Next let’s talk about chemical and physical changes. While still on the topic of food say your eating popcorn while drawing, doing homework,Paperwork
  • Compounds are the structures of elements and will consist of of two or more elements. For example the water composition is made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. And no matter what you do elements and compounds can never be physically separated.
  • Lastly is elements, compounds, and pure substances. Elements are the smallest you can separate a compound. Elements are what make of the molecule set up and can come in many different forms. For example Sodium, iron, and hydrogen.
  • Examples of a pure substance is oxygen which you breathe every day and water which you drink daily. That’s it for today hope you all understand and can now see more chemistry in your daily life and have a great day. Bye.
  • And lastly is pure substances. Pure substances will be one of all elements on the periodic table. Like gold, oxygen, and sodium. Or a compound like water or baking soda but they can not be broken down physically. Like elements and compounds.
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