How the snake got poison
Updated: 2/16/2020
How the snake got poison

Storyboard Description

This is not the actual story, it's how the story and other folktales get passed down.

Storyboard Text

  • (4) No, I haven't.
  • (2) Yeah, whats up Jess?
  • (1) Hey Stacy!
  • (3) Have you ever heard of the Story "How the snake got poison?"
  • (2) Sure!
  • (1) Well, It is a folktale. Do you want me to tell you the story of "How the snake got poison.
  • (2) Hmm.
  • (1) Well, first of all the story was happening when God was just making everything. So God made the snake and put him by a bush, but everything kept stepping on the snake and killing its generations.
  • (2) So the end, were done here?
  • (1) Then, the snake goes to God and says " God everything is killing my generations, can you give me something to protect myself" so God did, he gave him poison so he can bite his enemies and kill them.
  • (2) The poor varmints.
  • (1) Next, the snake starts killing everything that came near his bush. So the varmints went to God and said " the snake is killing all of our generations, you got to do something about this", So he did. God went to the snake and asked why he was killing everything and the snake said " well i'm killing everything because I don't know who's my friend and who's my enemy".
  • (3) That was a great story. And yeah, we should get going.
  • (2) The End. That's the bell we should get going to class.
  • (1) So God gave the snake a rattle he said "when you hear someone rattle and if its your friend the will reassure themselves and tell you that their you're friend, if its an enemy, its you and him".
  • *Bell rings*