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project 3
Updated: 10/17/2020
project 3
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  • Cardio Training
  • Things you can do that are apart of cardio are brisk walking, swimming, and running. Gym machines you can use are a treadmill and a elliptical.
  • Factors that are designed to balance for maximum effects are frequency, intensity, and duration.
  • Resistance training is any excises that causes your muscles to contract against an external resistance.
  • Resistance Training
  • Resistance training helps increase strength, tone, and endurance.
  • Flexibility training can increase your range in movement and that can help you to move more comfortably.
  • These help your body to gradually and progressively increase over time
  • Things you can do are stretch daily and focus on what ever part you want to stretch.
  • Flexibility Training
  • To evaluate your fitness you have to start with your health. Health begins with your standing height, body weight, and your resting heart rate.
  • A fitness assessment evaluates your overall health. It is composed of measuring your current fitness level, tracking your progress, determining what you want, and determining your overall health.
  • How Health and Fitness are Assessed
  • Fitness Level Assessments
  • Things you will need to assess these areas are a stopwatch, measuring tape, a yardstick, duck tape, a scale, and someone to help you.
  • Fitness contains of four key areas such as aerobic, muscular, strength, and endurance,
  • 5 important fitness principles are overload, F.I.T.T, specificity, rest and recovery, use it or lose it.
  • Important Fitness Principles
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