Updated: 6/26/2020

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  • 28th June 1914 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • 2nd August 1914 Germany Invades Belgium and Luxmbourg
  • 25th April 1915 The Gallipoli Campagin
  • Gavrilo Princip planed to Assassinate Franz Ferdinand Heir to the throne of Austria in Sarajevo The Archduke was driving in an open top car it turned the corner and Princip happened to be there he shot and killed both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia
  • 22nd April 1916 First Gas Attack at Ypres
  • After The War Started Germany wanted to defeat France the border between France was heavily guarded so the German army decided to attack Belgium to get to France both side had entrenched themselves by the time the got to France
  • 1st of July 1917 Battle of The Somme
  • In April 1915 The Allies attempted to open a new front to the war with a naval and beach assault of The Gallipoli Peninsula of the Ottoman Empire The Attacking forces were British,ANZACS,and French Troops the operation was a complete disaster
  • 11th of November 1918 The Armistice
  • In The Small Small Town Of Ypres in France The German Army experimented with Chlorine Gas to be used in Trench warfare the first gas attack was launched against the French and British army
  • On July 1st 1917 one of the largest Battles of the war took place and that was the Somme it was back and forth on both sides the battle saw the first use of tanks by the British
  • The War ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 the war had lasted over 4 years with so much damage and millions dead the map of Europe was redrawn