Goldilocks And The Tree Bears
Updated: 11/7/2020
Goldilocks And The Tree Bears

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  • One day, A girl named Goldilocks went for a walk and saw a house in the middle of the forest. She went in knowing there's no one inside.
  • As soon as she entered, she saw three porridge in the kitchen. She ate one porridge that isn't too hot and too cold for her.
  • she felt tired after she finished eating. She saw three chairs in the living room and sat on the chair that isn't too big for her. After she settled down, the chair broke into pieces
  • She went upstairs to look for the bedroom. She found three bed and lay down on the bed that isn't too big for her. She fell asleep right away.
  • While Goldilocks was asleep, the three bears have entered their house. They noticed right away that someone is in their house
  • Goldilocks was caught sleeping in the bedroom and when she woke up, she ran out of the house and swore that she will never enter that house again.
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