Argentina Migration
Updated: 1/2/2020
Argentina Migration
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  • James DamPeriod:6
  • The Argentina life for immigrants
  • Argentina
  • Argentina is bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay, Argentina is three tenths the size of US and there are 44,694,198 people in Argentina and to add to that Argentina has a benefit of rich natural resources. Argentina's total amount of land is 2,780,400 the amount of land is 2736690 the amount of water is 43710 and the total amount of people that use the internet is 30786889 people.
  • Argentina has 97 percent of people who clean drinking water which is good because that way they wont get diseases and other bad stuff they will find in dirty water and they wont get sick and they wont die of dehydration.
  • Argentina's unemployment rate is 7.9 which is good becuase you can get a job so you can but food cloths a house and other stuff you will need to life and have a good lfe for you and your family
  • Argentina doe'sent have a lot of pollution whitch is good as if you move here you wont get sick and you will have a healthy life and your kids will be safe.
  • It is certain that Argentina is a good place to live because it has lots of clean water not a lot of pollution there is only a 7.9 unemployment rate and Argentina is a good place for you and your family.
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