rock story
Updated: 1/17/2020
rock story
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  • what are you doing ?dad
  • Tell me more!
  • Hey Lloyd, the rock cycle.
  • WOW! That's so cool?Wow that is awesome!
  • After the rock melts it turns into magma then it turns to igneous
  • Um, sure.
  • dad, dad, oh no where'd he go!
  • I have turned into sediment, from weathering and erosion.
  • Oh, okay.
  • Relax Lloyd, I'm right here. 
  • Awesome! When can I turn into a sedimentary rock like you dad?
  • Today is a really nice day! The sun is shining and whoa, what happened to you now?
  • Maybe when you're older buddy.
  • I was sediment then I compacted and cemented into sedimentary.
  • Yes I have Lloyd, I was a jolly old sedimentary rock and I got heated and pressured and now I am a metamorphic rock.
  • Nice dad, I see you've changed again.
  • Is that your lunch?
  • Yes, would you like some rotisserie chicken and strawberry ice cream?
  • Well Lloyd, before you ask, I have turned into magma from melting and now the whole process starts over.
  • I am actually 40 million years old. Hey, nice beard man!
  • Why thank you Marvin! Well, I'm going to go now, it's my turn to start the rock cycle, BYE!
  • As Lloyd is leaving he looks back at Marvin, he runs back and they share a big long hug. The End!
  • Okay, hey dad how old are you?
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