Seventh Grade Part 2
Updated: 1/26/2021
Seventh Grade Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • At Lunchtime
  • Where is Teresa ?
  • Lunch Menu
  • Shemust have brought lunch, and is eating outside.
  • First Date
  • Ah Teresa.
  • Care for a movie
  • Ding, Dong
  • Her next class is french same as I.
  • Très bien! Parlez vous français 1?
  • Speak up !
  • He can't speak french
  • Bonjour
  • Bonjour, Mr Buller.
  • Frenchie oh wewe gee in September.
  • La me vave me con le grandma.
  • Ah no, I am so embarrassed
  • 1. Very well, do you speak French
  • ‘Teresa is a great girl,’ he thought. He raced to metal shop class. After metal shop, there was biology, and after biology, a long sprint to the public library, where he checked out three French textbooks.He was going to like seventh grade.The End
  • After the bell for the fifth period rang
  • I didn't know you knew french,
  • Could you help me ?
  • I won't be bothering you would I ?
  • Bonjour
  • Yeah right, Bonjour
  • Oh, no! I like being bothered.
  • Sure, anytime.
  • Yeah, well, I picked up a few things from movies and books and stuff like that.